Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Skin Deep

I enjoy being a girl. I like perfume and make-up. I am sure heaven has bubble baths. I swear that, not only have I never had penis envy, I don't understand the concept.

One of my best memories ever was being on the way to a friend's surprise party and stopping for gas. I had on this short, tight dress, black hose, and sexy high heels. My make-up was perfect and my hair was loosely pinned up. I went in to pay for the gas and the cashier looks up. His jaw dropped and awe - Yes, Awe - crossed his features. I knew in that one moment what it must feel like to be a supermodel. I liked it.

So trust me when I tell you I didn't get Andrea Dworkin. I didn't understand why she hated pornography so much and missed what so many women know - that being female has its own power. Perhaps it was because she was not attractive.

But you know what? Ugly aint a crime. So why is it treated like one? Why when someone disagrees with an unattractive woman do many stop arguing the real issues and start arguing the surface issues? Namely why are looks treated like they are testamants to the morality, character, and intelligence of the speaker?

Not only is it oppressive when girls are sent the message that they had better their looks in order before taking care of silly little things like grades, it's also dangerous. When you tell our children that good looks equal a good soul you set them up for a lot of heartache. I imagine Lacey Peterson knew that in the end.

If the worst thing you can say about Andrea Dworkin, or Linda Tripp, or Janet Reno, or even Rosanne Barr is that they are ugly, I suggest you turn up the volume on your tv. I suggest you read their actual words and view their actions.

Martin Luther King spoke of judging someone by the content of their soul, rather than the color of their skin. So why is it okay to judge someone for having too little breasts or too big of an ass?

I believe Dworkin was someone in great pain. I think some of it -- and this is just a guess -- had to do with knowing she would never make the grade physically. (The expression about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear comes to mind.) I think the problem with porn had a lot to do with not being like the women she called oppressed. As much as she hated men, she probably hated women more.

Why she felt the way she did, why she antagonized the people she did is only conjecture. What we do know, and what we should judge, are her words and actions. These are the things we should discuss when we discuss Andrea Dworkin.

Too bad we can't get beyond the whole big, fat, ugly bitch thing!
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