Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Odds and Ends...

There are crazy people out there who will tell you that money and things don't buy happiness HA! Crazy Talk. I bought a pitcher and margarita glasses at Pier 1 today and it filled me with a warm fuzzy glow...before I consumed the alcohol. Pier 1 does not have the ones I bought on their site, but I almost bought these, only they did not make me happy enough: Bright and colorful, like I like, but the colors are kinda worm shaped. The one I got had swirly colors instead.

Speaking of bright colors, there's something greatly amiss in the rainbow which is my blog world: Citrus has gone orange for the week! I know it's temporary, like Renee Zelwegger's brunette phase, but still I count the days!

The closer on our house was today -- does that mean we're squatters? I got to see the woman purchasing our ex-abode for the first time. She's a cop, but she could be a model -- tall, think, brunette, perfect figure, up-turned nose, blemish-free complexion without make-up. This is the woman I left alone with my husband -- Aye Carumba! (But the house sold, so I'm not asking too many questions!)

Hey, been moonlighting at Blogcritics. It's a pretty interesting plave, and hopefully some traffic will be directed back this way. There was an interesting piece on gay marriage there, and how someday our grandchildren will be unable to believe there was a time when it was not allowed. (Much like we look back on the days of segregation.) And if you want to check out my stuff, who am I to stop you?

Lastly, Cyn has some really great picture up of her Siamese Cats. I grew up with the breed, and I really think for my next cat (God Willing There's Not an Opening For a While!) I'll look to rescuing one. I think her favorite is Foochy.

I read a folktale one time that claimed that the kink in the tail (that many Siamese Cats have) is due to a royal princess putting her rings on the cats tail when she bathed. I read another one, that the classic Siamese trait of being crossed eyed was from guarding the palace and not taking their eyes of the jewels...and the blue eyes, which reflect the heavens, were given to them as a reward.

I suppose they are not a breed for everyone, but they are incredibly loyal and intelligent, so if you're looking to adopt...

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