Sunday, May 01, 2005

3 Times in 3 Weeks? Are We Going Steady?

So I'm making the rounds and went to Susie's site (, and she now only has some really cool pictures of flowers and trees, but also some hysterically funny stories (like the one above.) In the last 3 weeks I've sent you guys to her take on cell phones, AND to see how her ass apparently holds the very universe in it's cheeks, and now...Booty Flies!

Here's the thing though...Rosie O'Donnell is commenting on her site now. Only I knew Susie first, right? I was telling you how cool she was whole weeks before Ro was hip to Susie. And that's why I've now linked her permanently -- I'm stakin' my claim! (Isn't it enough that Rosie beat me out for the part of Betty Rubble?)

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