Friday, April 29, 2005

My Daily Dose of Vitamin "See."

The first comment I ever received here was from a Lemon. The comment went bye-bye when I added trackback, but he compared my ankle tattoo to cave paintings. Which was the concept so, well, good.

I love his blog--so much more artistic than anything I could produce. And I wonder where in the hell he gets all the lemon pictures. If I tried to have a bright yellow blog, the results would be simply tragic, and yet he makes it work. (Darling!)

Recently he did a series on his experiences in the 80's and 90's, when AIDS began to decimate the gay community. I found them to be incredibly interesting and well-written. Several of the best written entries I've seen--point blank!

Since his blog was one of the first I ever visited, he gave me false expectations of the quality out there. I'm not saying he ruined me for other blogs, especially since I'm not his type, but I can honestly say that once you go Citrus...

For those of you who find lemons to be a little tart, let me introduce you to an Orange: Several of the pictures make me smile, although I think this blogger is really convinced she is an Orange! But this is America, and dammit, if she wants to be Sunkist--God Bless Her!

And citrus fruit is just so good for you. Now if I could just find a blogging Grapefruit! Or a Lime...
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