Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane

Behold, my favorite author!
Dennis Lehane.
Because reading him makes me feel jealous and unworthy.
And what potential writer doesn't want to feel like crap?
I need to be humbled often.

Dennis Lehane is the guy behind Mystic River.
(What? Clint Eastwood? He directed the movie --
Lehane wrote the words!)
If you liked the movie -- try the book!

Now Ben Affleck, also a Mass. Native, is making his directing debut with
Gone, Baby, Gone.
Ben Affleck needed a good career move --
This could be it!
Strong Characters.
(Angela Gennaro and Patrick Kenzie.)
Strong Dialogue.
Compelling Plot.
(Can't tell you the interesting part.)

GBG is not the first book in the series thouugh --
That's A Drink Before The War.
My favorite in the series, and I hope it makes it to the big screen is --
Darkness Take My Hand.

And then there was Shutter Island.
A different feel than Angela and Patrick.
A different feel than Mystic River.
And what an end!
I still think about that book --
How everything led up to that ending.
The inevitability.

Lehane makes me thoroughly enjoy books that are not supposed to be my style.
Hard boiled crime fiction?
Are you kidding me?
But I sit here waiting for the next book --
Whatever it will be.
And I'll hang on every word.
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