Sunday, May 15, 2005

Swinging Bachelorette

Hubby left for our new hometown to look at the rental possibilities and make a decision. I stayed home with the pets because it seemed the best decision.

Our 16 year old Sheltie, Cindy, is touch and go from day to day. It would be unfair to take her on more than one 800+ mile trip (each way), and to board her at a kennel, or even have a pet-sitter come in. Too confusing and if something went wrong...

So my grandmother will be seeing my grandmother before I do!! Dammit. And I miss him...funny how that works.

My husband drives me bonkers...a million little things like a Chinese Water Torture, but he's a good guy and I feel his absence when he's not around. I bolster myself with the fact that I will not hear him snore for a few nights. (Although with the decimel levels he reaches...)

So I'm really outnumbered. 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a guinea pig...they're are all looking at me funny and I sense I could have a mutiny on my hands. I heard the greyhound saying something to the grey cat something about "dog and cat and guinea pig coming together to bring an end to opppression..." There was also something about "storming the kitchen."

I think I'll sleep with one eye open.
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