Monday, June 27, 2005

Internet Challenged Girl Posts Random Thoughts!

I still have to trek to the local soda shop to get internet. Waaaah!

Since I last posted I got a job -- I start next week. Not telling what it is and not blogging about it either ... too many nightmare stories about bloggers getting fired!

I picked a bad time to not have internet or tv -- what with Tom Cruise losing his freakin' mind. Ironically a guy who clearly needs meds is running around talking about how meds are bad! Go Freakin' Figure!

Today's been rainy, and last night was stormy, but the weather has been almost ideal. Every Tuesday this summer Ely will be sponsoring free music. We head on over to The Front Porch Cafe to see one of our favorite's -- Pat Surface and The Boundary Water Boys. They lean towards folk music. I've been a fan of Pat Surface for years! He has a guy named Eli Bissonett on fiddle, and the guy is amazing -- and very animated facially.

Pat's wife, Donna, is this little tiny ball of energy -- from the back she looks like a kid -- who runs around hugging people and snapping pictures. Being proficient in ASL, she often "signs" while Pat performs. The one thing she doesn't seem to do is slow down!

I have two planters of petunias which are doing lovely -- and 5 tomato plants. I never would have "thunk" I'd type the last sentence!

Panthergirl is creating Sims 2 characters based on Bloggers. -- including Deni. Wish I would have thought of it! Wonder if PG has discovered the giant scissors you can download so your Sims can run with them!

I'm so sorry about the spotty updates and hope to have internet soon! I will probably do a happy dance then!

And now my hubby is standing outside of the soda shop with Riley the Wonder-Sheltie --I think they are saying to "C'mon!"
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