Thursday, June 30, 2005


How The Mighty Have Fallen: Nobody can deny that Blog Explosion (and the like) bring traffic to blogs. Since I've stopped surfing for traffic I've went from 100 or so hits per day to perhaps a dozen.

Lazy Day: Not much going on in hopping Ely, MN today. Chilly and rainy. Had an iced chai at the Ely Surf Shop ... it was tasty.

Mellow: I went to the hemp shop and the clerk was sooooo mellow. Wonder why? To quote from this blog:

I couldn't resist buying these beads from the local Hemp Mercantile store. The sales guy there was so spaced out, I wondered if he actually had had some, erhmm, hemp that morning.

They had some nice bumperstickers though. My husband feels I'm trying to get our vehicle assaulted with current doozies such as: Greyhound Racing --The Sport That Kills.
Now I just need something anti-Bush and pro-tree hugging.

If I Could Have Anything Right Now, I'd Choose: A big bowl of Mac N Cheese -- I'm easy. If I can't get that -- a million dollars.
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