Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Pet Peeve.

Let's discuss irritating things in the blogosphere, or one irritating thing. Blogs which are not comment friendly. Granted, some of the bigger, more political blogs would be utter nightmares if comments were left on, but there are a ridiculous number of small time bloggers who go with something like LiveJournal, and then turn off anonymous comments, allowing you to only comment if you're one of them. I'm pretty sure I did sign up for an account, at one time or another, but I can't remember it. I can't be the only one. So when I'm cruising Technorati, and see an entry for an LJer, I don't even click.

Hey, people blog for many reasons, and for some it's all about keeping in touch with their close friends, but why register your blog in that case? Why have it out there, but make it incredibly difficult for others to participate? A blog should be less effort to comment on than it would be to write a letter to the editor in a newspaper.
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