Monday, April 18, 2005

Did They Have The Damned Gateway Cow Assemble my Laptop?

Here's my deal. I've had the laptop for a couple months and my keyboard has now completely disintegrated. In the last couple days I've lost the Page-Up, the 5,and (today) the "D." The repair guys says Gateway won't let him purchase the keyboard. (Tomorrow we will contact Gateway.)

This is the laptop that they'd promised by a certain date. They only changed the promised delivery date the evening before - and then they added a couple weeks. A couple weeks. We got it a few days before the second promised date by bitching and complaining a lot.

Meanwhile, our desktop - also a Gateway - needs a new hard drive. It's about a year and 1/2 old. Support has been UN(Supportive, that is!)

3 guesses what's the last company we will ever purchase a computer from again - and the first 2 don't count. If anyone else wants to add their nightmare stories - especially as they relate to Gateway, please feel free.

Gateway: You apparently don't know me. I'm a bitch typing on a flipping $20 keyboard I had to purchase because your product fell apart. I'm also a bitch with internet access and a blog. You don't know the computer repairman either. He's the guy that looked at the keyboard and proclaimed it a piece of crap. HIM, I like - you, not so much!

Studies have shown that people with a happy experience with a company tell a few people. People with a bad experience tell approximately 13 people. I'm an overachiever!

And if I end up having to send this (the laptop)in to you, and you mess with my daisy stickers,you are really going to get it! (Had to throw humor in there somewhere.)

Hmmm, maybe I should just put "Gateway makes crappy computers - ask me why" in my sigs.
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