Monday, May 16, 2005

Whiskers on Kittens and Warm Woolen Mittens.

I was tagged by Cyn (who was tagged by Shari, who was tagged by holymotherofgod) to list my 10 Favorite Things. Then I'm supposed to tag four other people, but looking over my list it seems like most people have recently done something similar....Hmmmm....

1. Cuddling with a pet.
2. Waking up to feel my husband covering me with a blanket.
3. Writing something tasty, interesting, sexy, funny...
4. Lakes
5. Forests.
6, Bubble baths with wine, a book, chocolate, candles, and music.
7. Singing off-key to music.
8. Buffy
9. Arguing/debating

Okay, 4 tags...with a twist. It's evolution! (And each person who does this should personalize their tags in a similar fashion.)

Leesa (Peace of My Mind)10 Favorite Photos -- yours, someone elses, or a combo.

Diana (Seeking Clarity): 10 Books (or Short Stories) Which Effected Your Life.

Deni (Last Girl): 10 Favorite Places in New York.

Citrus (CitricCritic): 10 Favorite Sayings or Quotes.

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