Saturday, January 28, 2006


Roseanne Barr speaking on pop culture:

...It's boring and dull and so prescribed and handpicked. Everybody looks exactly alike. And acts exactly alike. There's no colour, no anything. Look in the magazines. Every girl looks like every other girl, they bore me to death. I'm barely interested in my own life, let alone other peoples'. Especially the young, they have nothing to say whatsoever. They're distractions. They do the job they're supposed to do: Keep everybody from noticing what's going on. It's the whole dumbing-down thing. Roseanne Barr Globe and MailSat. Jan. 28, 06
I stumbled across this in an entry on Blogcritics. The author, Gyspyman, refers to Roseanne as "one of the stars of the past." The unintended irony being that Roseann is speaking of the transient nature of pop culture, and she is considered to be one of the leftovers from an earlier version of that culture.

I always flinch when I read discussions on has-beens. Perhaps, as I get older, I just really see that no success is forever. We're all destined to be has-beens, and even the things we'll be remembered for is not of our choosing.

Abraham Lincoln said, during the Gettysburg Address, and in one of the most ironic statements ever made famous that "the world will little note, nor long remember what we say here." The speech before was made by a famous orator of the time -- good luck naming him if you're not an American History buff. (Edward Everett, in case you're wondering.) Lincoln didn't know he was making a speech which really would live on.

Maybe blogging is, for some, an attempt to leave a mark, but does it? Call me cynical, but I believe you could be an enormously huge blogger, take a hiatus, return years later, and be called a has-been. If you did well again, it would be your comeback.

Being not an expert on grave markers, but judging by the local cemetary, there seemed to have been a fad for people to have their pictures put on their graves -- and this before most people would have guessed it possible. Many of these graves have only the ovals where the portraits used to be, or the images are cracked beyond recognition. They are failed attempted of keeping a foothold in the world of the living.

And because we're all has-beens in training, shouldn't we be kinder toward those that have already attained the title? Nobody is relevent forever, and what's remembered about us all is laregely a by-product of chance.
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