Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shame Makes Me Babble.

Yeah, I was gone for a while again...I am The Suck.

Speaking of sucking -- LAME PUN ALERT -- I seem to be back into vampire novel mode. I'm currently enjoying the novels of MaryJanice Davidson. (And, yes, she had a blog...tho she clearly isn't as diligent as I am.) I've been meaning to check out these books for a while, and since seeing her stories in a couple anthologies. I have a weakness for stories set in Mini-soda, but I bet anyone who reads me regularly feels that it was unnecessary for me to say that.

The deal on these books -- at least the Undead series -- is that a blonde woman with a shoe fixation gets killed, but soon rises in a second hand clothes and Payless shoes, to discover that she is not just a vampire...but the queen of vampires. Good stuff, although heavier on quips than plot.

The writer is quite clever, and I actually tracked down a little flamewar she was in. It started on Romancing the Blog. I used to post there, but was pretty soundly ignored.

Anyhow, the debate in question happened because MJD stated people shouldn't take Amazon reviews to seriously 'cause you really don't know the credentials of the people reviewing. (At least this was my interpretation.) Somehow people took her to be an elitist bitch. The debate spread to other sites, and it became clear that a lot of these people really missed her humor, which she seems incapable of abandoning even if it's for her own good. I can relate.

Had a birthday yesterday...glad to be alive, pissed that women for their ages. I oughta beat someone with my cane.

Went to the dentist the day before that, and was informed that the annoying fissure at the back of my mouth is because of a wisdom tooth, but he wants to wait up to a year before he does anything. Well, he did poke at the sore with a pointy metal thing. He also told me that, for how rare it is for me to go to the dentist, my teeth are in really good shape. I think I heard resentment in his tone, like I was invalidating his existance. Anyhow, he told me that the big ouchy thing that my tongue won't leave alone is more an annoyance than anything else.

The writing is in a rut. I still do quite well with my internet porn, er, erotica, but haven't submitted anything for publication for a year. Don't know why not since the last thing -- the only thing -- I've ever submitted got published. Oh...right...laziness.

The thing with the internet smut, er, erotica is that there's instant validation, and response, and no editor on your ass. I worked pretty hard on that silly little story that I go published.

Speaking of work, they sent out another memo about confidentiality agreements and not blogging about them. Oops. (Ignore this paragraph.)
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