Saturday, April 23, 2005

First Impressions

Am I The only person who wonders about the top blog entry and what assumptions people will make? I'm not neurotic about it -- okay, slightly -- but I do give it thought.

I wonder how far people scroll down before deciding they don't care for a blog. I might be too impatient -- sometimes the template is enough for me to move on. I know I don't have to love the first entry as long as I enjoy the style.

When I have a writing entry first I wonder if people will consider it purely a writing blog. Will they move on based on that? And if they like that it appears to be a writing blog, will they be disappointed to see I ramble on about many, many, many things?

If the latest entry is somewhat political - I don't feel like I delve too deeply into the topic - I wonder if disagreement there sours them on reading the rest. As long as someone isn't rabid, I can read almost any political view and still like ther person.

When there is a pet picture entry at the top, I hope people will not write off the blog as one of "those" blogs -- the kind where someone with 3 or less brain cells to rub together obsesses over their Muffins and Fluffys. (That sounds more off-color than I meant.) Hey, I love pet blogs, but I'm not really normal...

Oh, when I get all pop culture-y (American Idol or Buffy) I wonder if people will pre-judge that. For the record, Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy is a genius - deal with it!

I suppose I know I can't be all things to all people; I'm merely hoping people will stick around enough to know me. I could have multiple blogs for each sub-category, but if I have to live with the chaos of my mind - so should you. (Not really, just kidding...oh, no, don't click to the next blo...)
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