Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mama Needs a New Pair of Stilettos!

My grandmother is one CrazyAnnoying woman - and I love her lots.

Like many elderly people she spends much time at her local casino - Fortune Bay, as it's called. She believes that if she loudly talks about the machines being rigged one of the many secret microphones will pick up her words, and someone will hit the "win" button on the machine she's playing. Crazy, sure, but she does seem to win a fair amount.

Several years ago she dragged me to the casino and insisted I play a machine 'cause she sensed it was going to hit. I informed her she was nuts, proclaimed my adulthood, and told her if she didn't get off my ass I would have a temper tantrum. I then wandered off to lose money.

I eventually wandered back - despondent, war-torn, bereft of money, well-acquainted with the ATM... and sat down at the machine next to her which she'd been saving for me. Saving how? Don't know, but there might have been actually snarling involved. I told her I was just sitting there and that I was broke. She dropped a $20 in the machine and insisted I play it - yeah, it hit. (Pissed me right the hell off!)

Blog explosion is my kind of gambling! (Although I cannot figure out how to link it to get more surf points) Sure, I rarely win more than a couple bonus credits, but no visits to the ATM either. And every time I click the number it could lead me to the big 100 pay-out!

Although the loudly proclaiming it's rigged does not seem to help at all - and it startles my dogs.

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