Thursday, April 21, 2005

Recycling is Good For The Environment - Not For News or Entertainment!

1. There's probably enough legitimate news to justify a couple 24 hour networks AND several hours on network TV and local affiliates. Most people don't want to think that hard though - so what we get is the all the networks doing the most easily understood news, or debating the 2-3 stories of the day.

And then most of these networks pad the "news" with entertainment stories. Is Brit Porky or Preggie? Is Demi Preggie or Menopausal? Is Jessica Preggie - Or Will She Become Preggie To Save Her Marriage?

2. Celeb gossip can be fun - just not fun enough to justify countless identical entertainment shows. There are only so many A and B list celebrities, and only so many movie premieres. As a result, all the shows have the same sets, remarkably identical hosts, and the exact same stories. (Stories that were already covered on the nightly news.)
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