Friday, April 22, 2005

You Buffy Loving, (Dust) Bunny Huggin', Nature Freak...

I've had many people wander through my house in recent months (apparently potential buyers enjoying seeing the inside of the home.) I cannot help but wonder what impressions people walk away with after traipsing through a strangers home.

I'm thinking people know:

1. I love animals by the pets, pet food, pet accessories, books on animals, Michigan Humane Society Products...

2. I drink lots and lots of tea. (There are about 15 stacked boxes of Celestial Seasonings and refrigerator magnets which used to be inside the boexes.)

3. My husband used to be into Nascar and now wants to build a computer. (Posters and magazines.)

4. I don't dust as much as I should. (The dust would indicate this.)

5. My favorite show is Buffy. (DVDs, Books, Soundtrack to the musical episode...)

6. We (occasionally) work out. (Weights, elliptical.)

7. I used to collect Boyd's Bears. - what was I thinking? - (Boxed up Boyds)and still collect glass collies (curio cabinet.) I bet they don't know I have dog ashes in the box in the curio though.

8. I enjoy nature. (The music I listen to... hiking boots...)

9. I like to read and want to be a writer. (Books: Fiction, true crime, anthologies, short stories, erotica, and books on writing/finding publishers.)

What would people know about you - and what you value - by doing a walk-through?
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