Sunday, April 24, 2005

What's the Skinny?

Skinny Girl - Look at her! She's only awake an hour or two a day. But she makes every conscious moment count.

I think the # 1 myth about greyhounds is they are hyper. Yeah, right. They are fast, but very mellow and sedentary by nature. They have bursts of energy and the rest of the time they want to nap close to family.

While they are sight hounds, which means they have a tendency to want to chase small animals, they CAN be cat safe. The only time Rhiannon ever gets upset with the other pets is if they interfere with her sleep. (Most Greyhound Rescues screen to see how the dogs are with other animals.)

Many Greyhounds are terrific with kids, do fine in apartments, and are very well-mannered. They also tend to have entertaining personality quirks - like obsessions with toys, pillows, or shoes. When Rhiannon wants to go outside she grabs a toy or shoe and stands by the back door.

I'm strongly anti-racing, but there are rescue groups that are considered neutral, or are pro-racing. Many of these dogs die simply because they're just not fast enough! (Young, healthy dogs.) There is always a need for homes!

If you're interested in adopting, do a web search under Greyhound Rescue and your state. Rhiannon is from Michigan Regap:
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