Thursday, May 05, 2005

Odd and Ends! (Passwords, Spam, Walmart, and Puppy Poison.)

Mounting a search for an old password.

1. My password choices seem to go in waves. Depending on when I started an account for something, it changes. There are few things more annoying than typing in the wrong password, and being informed it was wrong. I feel judged! (Yeah, right, not logical.) I want to scream at the computer, "You know what I meant! You know I know it! Stop screwing with me!"

Then I have to dig through my brain for whatever I was obsessing on when I created THAT account. It's like an archeological dig -- only not fun. And to ask to have a reminder sent? That's admitting defeat.

2. I will never, ever, ever purchase something from a pop-up or spam -- and whatever people ARE keeping these idiots in business deserve to be horsewhipped in the town square. I recently got a pop-up from Walmart.

3. I would never purchase anything from Walmart before the pop-up, now I want to exhume Sam Walton and... okay, maybe I don't want to share the rest of the details.

I once had a co-worker tell me he saw me and my husband at Walmart. I was appalled -- this was tantamount, for me, to saying I was at a KKK rally. I told him he was very mistaken. He then admitted he had not seen me -- only my husband -- but had assumed I was around. I told him this could not be, because my husband shared the same values. I asked him which Walmart. He named the one a mere 2 miles from my house. I gasped!

My husband swore he was just there killing time while he waited for carry-out. He assured me he had purchased nothing. He told me it would never happen again. He was pretty sure he left a dirty footprint on the floor. He promised me it would never happen again.

After several months of intensive marriage counseling, I chose to forgive him. (Yes, yes, kidding about that last part.)

In any community there are only x dollars to be spent. Inevitably a little guy loses business, no matter what Walmart says, when they enter the community. Even if it seems like they are bringing people into town, it's from neighboring towns, and then THEY are losing money.

And they pay such low wages that their employees end up buying cheapie product there, like The Worst Brand of Dog Food Ever.

4. Ol' Roy dog food is one mini-step above poison. It has little nutritional value, traces of Sodium Pentobarbitol (Euth Solution which is NOT destroyed by heat), and -- as cheap as it is -- is a rip-off. I would feed my dogs roadkill, or certainly table scraps, before Ol' Roy.

(The above book is by the Gears -- Kathleen and W. Michael -- and is part of a series about Pre-Columbian tribes and clans. If you enjoyed the books of Jean Auel or have an interest in archeology, most of the series is a good read. The first book in the series might be the weakest entry.)

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