Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Odds and Ends. (New Friends, New Home, Vacationing With Pets.)

I added a couple more links to the right. Last Girl on Earth and Panther Girl at The Dog's Breakfast. I was reading them every day, and had to go looking for the links, so it's more for me than for you guys. Deal!

I found Deni(Last Girl) through Blog Explosion and she just seems to have such fire and I'm glad to "know" her. (Does putting "know" in quotes make it seem like I'm claiming I know her in the Biblical Sense...because that's not what I'm aiming for! Though she's cute.)

In comments on Deni's blog I mentioned having a Greyhound and she asked if I knew Panther Girl. I said something like, "No, but most people with Greyhounds do tend to know each other." Turns out I do know her fairly well from Greyhound boards. I've always liked her a lot because she is honest and speaks her mind. Her blog is damned entertaining!

Hubby has picked the house we'll be renting. Small town, not a lot of choices, but he made the best choices out of what there was. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, mostly fenced in yard, big livingroom. Wood floor.

One of the first priorities is to get the yard fully fenced. Having a Greyhound, this is almost a must. They cannot be off leash in an open area because if they bolt they are near impossible to catch -- they also have really poor himing skills. Tying them out is also a no-no due to their speed they could basically snap their necks if they go to run.

I'm glad about the wood floor. Everyone is housebroken but the 16 year old is somewhat incontinent due to medications and just plain old age. I was terrified of carpeting 'cause I fully believe that when you have pets and either rent or take them to a motel, cabin, etc... you are obligated to be ambassadors for all pet owners. It makes me angry when so many places are no longer pet friendly because of the irresponsibility of others.

Although my grandmother lives in the town, when we've visited we've traditionally rented a cabin so as to not inconvenience her. And then she stays at the cabin with us as a minivacation. There were many resorts in the area that would not rent to people with dogs because they felt that other renters would not like it. I sent a few heated letters saying that I don't want to have adjacent cabins to people with children because that ruins the experience for me. Don't get me wrong -- I understand "No Pet Policies" -- but some of the wording offended me.

There were another category of resort that said something to the effect of people being able to bring their pets "if they must." They were also off of my list. If I bring my dogs they are guests, and I don't take them where they are not welcome.

We found 2 wonderful places though where the owners were very pet friendly. It was nice to feel that my dogs were welcome and could meet other dogs.

The first place we rented for many years was an unassuming marina (Gruben's on Lake Vermilion) with cabins but we loved it. The woman who ran it was wonderful and while some of the cabins were humble, they were also clean and cozy. We were really able to make ourselves at home, she gave us our privacy, and the cabins were well-stocked! Just as you were wishing the cabin had an item for cooking or whatnot, you'd open a drawer and "voila!" It was also there, while watching Riley playing with other dogs, that my husband told me we could get a second dog as soon as we got home. (Little did he know what chaos would ensue once the multiple dog floodgate opened!)

The last time we were there we rented at another resort to be a little closer to the town. We missed Gruben's, the cabin was not as well-stocked, but the view was stunning, and they were very pet friendly. A lot of the resorts there have mini-stores or bars and this place was no exception...when we went to their store we had to step over this huge slumbering dog in the doorway! And for the life of me I cannot recall the name of the place!

(Does anybody have their own recommendations for dog friendly vacation spots?)

Anyhow,I cannot believe that a week from now I'll be in my new (but temporary until we are ready to buy) home. I've been whining about moving so much that I cannot believe it's almost at an end.
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