Monday, April 25, 2005

New Etiquette To Learn?! 2 Links WHAT?

Very interesting entry I found through the latest blog exhange I've joined: According to this, some people follow a blog rule which states if you commented on a specific entry on someone's blog, you should link both the site and the main page?

Has anyone heard this? It doesn't seem practical to me. If I'm saying that a blog is really good in general it gets the main page, but if I'm talking about a specific entry it gets just that! Am I doing this wrong? My feeling is this: if you like the entry, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find the main page.

The main part of the entry is about the links and blogs people chose to promote. I link specific sites in specific posts - as to my links on the side: if I find myself reading a blog, and consistently enjoying it, I'll link it.

I can't lie, I want a lot of people to read this - especially since there is a time where I might have stories to promote. But I do other things toward that goal, like Blog Explosion, listing myself on different search engines, etc.

You'll notice a changing link to one of the blogs on the exchange toward the bottom of the page - that's: (The exchange is geared toward women.) I felt a little hinky about even that - but most of the links are pretty good and it's clear I'm not advocating the specific blogs. New Jane is also associated with a directory for women's blogs: Since I tend to be attracting more women than men readers, I thought it would be a good site to mention. LOL, and I get extra points for mentioning it. (There's honesty for you.) I actually like how the ads look - unobtrustive. I'll let you all know if traffic picks up!

The point is, I'll never link someone who I don't enjoy, and when I'm doing an advertisement, you'll know it. And if someone is complete rubbish, I'll say that too! Well, if I'm feeling feisty! Oh, and I'm not doing the one link to the main page, one link to specific entry thing.

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