Tuesday, August 09, 2005

When Can I Expect the Pulitzer?

I decided I wanted to blog on the diagnosis of Dana Reeve with lung cancer so I went to Technorati to see what other people were saying. I found this entry to be thought provoking -- in terms of what it says about me...and blogs in general.

I used to be dedicated to getting all the tabloids each and every week. They were more factual than naysayers would admit, and I liked glitzy celebrity gossip. I stopped right after Princess Diana died -- it bothered me to think that the lengths that tabloids went to for a story might have killed this woman.

And we are how many years past that? And more hungry for gossip than ever. We expect our news programs to tell us what our favorite star is doing and no longer acknowledge that this is no more news reporting than my glow-in-the- dark phone from the 80s is an antique. We accuse the news of having a bias to the left and to the right -- but this implies they have time for serious news between Britney's Baby and Jessica's jugs.

In this upside down world, tabloids CAN be called newspapers and the woman who talks about her neighbors over the backyard fence is a serious journalist.
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