Saturday, May 21, 2005

Crystal Clear

I just got back from my eye exam and my vision has -- amazingly -- not changed since my last exam. I'm pretty damned blind -- just not more blind than I was.

What makes this amazing is that I'd not been there in two years AND I'd managed to stretch a year's worth of contacts for double that. Bad for my eyes? Supposedly. They say that. I'll let you be the judge.

I think my husband was embarrassed with I got up and moved away from all the coughing/sneezing people. Why? If I were the one yakkin' up a lung I would expect people to keep me at a distance!

The optician's name was Katrina and she was quite likable, athough she never shut up and had the cadence of someone who'd been hitting the Starbucks. All I got was if my glasses were not in my Wednesday I need to call her and say, "Giiiiirl, whazzup with that?

And even though I'm half blind, it was clear the eye doctor was still a hottie!
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