Friday, May 20, 2005

When Love Has a Body Count.

I have a greyhound. These are wonderful dogs! I love my greyhound. But I wish she would stop killing or maiming things.

Well, it's not her fault. She's fast, a sighthound, and has a prey drive -- which is a nice way of saying she sees little animals that are not in her family and wonders if they taste like chicken, and because she is soooo fast the little things completely time their escapes wrong. Basically greyhounds are hardwired to do this -- if not all, most. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, greyhounds have to chase little bunnies...

Right now hubby is at The Michigan Humane Society where I used to work, turning in a bird she grabbed a hold of, and hoping it can be rehabbed. She seemed to have hurt its wing but hopefully not beyond repair.

Gee, thank God there are no wild animals in rural northern Minnesota. Actually was just talking to a friend of mine at the shelter, and speculating on how I should handle it when we are there. Her suggestion was probably to just let the dog finish it. Ewww! But what are the options since there are no shelters around there?

Thank You For Allowing Me To Share My Gory Story.
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